Pricing explained.. for first time customers

I love stitching out beautiful and fun designs. Those you see on super expensive clothes are possible, but adding a name makes it yours.

Simple names on Panties, Diaper Cover and Shirts are not a problem. I do not  embroider  Bath Towels.

Children loose things all the time, they love seeing their names stitched out and if done right you can save items, cut them and later assemble a memory quilt or pillow.

Name here starts with Large first letter and the remainder of name needs to be adjust to fit the space. The extras added were the stars and ribbon dots. Child cotton ruffled panties.

I love stitching out beautiful and fun designs. Simple names on Panties, Diaper Cover and Shirts are not a problem. I do not  embroider  Bath Towels.


Example of  HOW PRICE works on just 1 small name.

Personalize Small Name ½ to 5/8 inch on ONE Item cost w no extra designs:

1)Computer Time –font & sizing between 10-20 min flat fee $3.00 c

2)Nanes (small name ½ to 5/8 in.) takes 6 minutes  $1.50 n

3) Set up pre work to get item & backing to mach.

4)Take down fee,                                                                        1.00 up/dn

5)Thread $1.00 per item                                                       1.00 each

6)Stablizer $1.00 per item                                                    1.00 each

7)&or 8)Cloud cover Ironing or Fabric Applique – Sewing $1.50 . optional. 9)Any design would be charged at individual time used ……. optional extras…………

  Orders of ONE Name at a time   $7.50 /or / $9.00 per item

there is a $3.00 per 2nd,3rd … discount for multiples…
making your price                               $4.50  /or / $ 6.00

Any other added designs as you see on the example will incur an extra charge.

If your child’s name is already in my file/ I can quote you a price. No further discount.  Price would be set on time for your particular child’s name / depending on size and time of stitch out.

   – I DO NOT Embroidery  BATH TOWELS  /  I DO Dinner Napkins


BUZZ LIGHTYEAR without your child’s name. $13.50 ( Cloud Cover and ironed or  if Appliqued – fabric and sewn.)  Adding both names is possible for an additional fee.


Doesn’t every little boy want to have BUZZ on his team. This was stitch out for my niece’s son.

I only charge for my time and supplies. No over the top, extra profit. You are buying a service.  My time for small projects is a 25 cent per minute for several colors in  designs and .33 cent per minute for more complicated designs, more colors.  Simple and very fair.


A more detailed design such as what is below: A store purchased Boy’s Jean Jacket with Applique Squares of Embroidery added, there is a reason for doing it as an applique vs permanently stitching the jacket. Jacket below is in the set up stage. Pricing for those more detailed design ..again is by time and supplies used.


What a stand out jacket this will be. Each letter has a different boy partner.


Complicated piece, Sewing and Shifting thick material, but to have something as elegant as:


Thank you for looking, and you can contact me by phone or email  catoir @ bellsouth . net  please put something in the subject line so you will not end up in spam folder.


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