Mrs. Baker’s Ghost by Anna Marie Catoir is now available

My daughter’s Novella is now an ebook at

 They are an on line seller just like Barnes and Noble. The author’s proceeds are going to St. Jude’s Cancer Research.

Mrs. Baker’s Ghost was suppose to be at Barnes & Noble ( a retailer) and Amazon (a retailer) on line but they are backlogged plus Christmas, the ebook has been shipped to them – just has not been placed on line yet.”  Book updates are subject to processing times at each individual retailer. Smashwords has it NOW, they are the retailer of our choice.     $3.99
( just type in Mrs. Baker's Ghost on their page )

“Anna Marie would be so happy, I just wish I could see her face. I know she would love her friends to share in this her first book, even though I am already looking forward to the next one.”

“Anna Marie’s next book, Jayi’s Tales is a total mystery, suspenseful and funny.. with a touch of both magic and romance. “Yes, it’s longer ..a Cozy mystery and magical.  Yes, you will have to wait till 2013 to see what trouble Jayi has gotten herself into.” Mary Catoir

Review by: Jean Lutz, Louisiana Poet, Author  -Her review can be read from Smashwords site – Long description  ( type in the name Mrs. Baker’s Ghost once on the site )

Review byMary Ann Descant on Dec. 19, 2012: star star star starstarMrs. Baker’s Ghost will really sell itself. Inspirational mystery, cozy romance. It’s funny too.”

Review by: MARY LEE OLIPHAN T on Dec. 27, 2012 :  star star star starstar
Anna Marie has an incredible way of using the right words. The twining of the tenant’s lives makes me wonder how long it took to write Mrs. Baker’s Ghost – did it just all flow from her head easily? The mystery of the riddle drops right in your lap in the end. This is an entertaining, easy read if you are looking for something out of the ordinary. Mary Lee

Review by: Rebecca Dubrock on Dec. 26, 2012 : star star star star star
Leaving you wanting more, Mrs. Baker’s Ghost is a wonderful, mysterious introduction to the life of Jayi and the patrons of the Whiskey Bay Boarding House.

“You will still enjoy the book no matter who you purchase it from, I promise. .. mother of Anna Marie Catoir” – Mary Catoir
Permission give to C/P and forward this announcement.  Thank you, Mary Catoir  Anna Marie Catoir

Again, available in all formats Kindle, Nook, Sony, I phones, etc. and including PDF for your computer.

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