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Appliqued Embroidered Names for the personal touch welcomes new babiesMary Catoir Creations

Sewn and Embroidered Clothes, purses and crafts items. Request taken. Orders from 1 to 20 filled. Give a gift that makes them say WOW !

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This page is about me, how I work and services available,

A complete list of Items for sale has been added as a in the next catagory, see HOMEMADE GIFT ITEMS.

There are some favorites photos attached at bottom, but to see what is currently available go to HOMEMADE GIFT ITEMS.


I have been sewing for over 38 year.  I have taught Sewing, English Smocking and French Hand Sewing.

I owned Modica’s Treasure Chest and  contracted at / with Cloth World Fabric Store to teach for several years many years ago.

I have moved on to doing embroidery for a quite a while now and feel it adds a special touch to quilts, clothes, purses and gifts. Many are personalized.

I work on a small scale and don’t rush or skimp on the product in front of me.  Stitches with prayers and packed with love.


I can embroidery on your own items or those I have in stock.

I have purchased over a thousand designs;  I can help you put your ideas, your hobby or your favorite fun designs  on clothing or gift items.

Advertise yourself or your hobbies.

Every design is tested for my satisfaction.

Everything is stitched with care and done on a small-scale  for the personal homemade touch.

“Stitched with prayers and packed with love into every item.”

PRICING:  I make things as reasonable as possible

Pricing includes: My services; Supplies; Design it self;

*The forgotten 12 steps of getting your finished product.  the fabric is washed, dried, cut, hooped, sewn; placed in the machine, thread picked out and machine thread ed and re thread ed.  Some need adjustments; Some need stabilizer removed upon completion.  Which means they have to be re washed / dried and some items ironed;  Many need placement of cloud cover over design; Packed and shipped if needed. Electric, Water, Thread, Needles.


Sewn from scratch

or/and Sewn with Embroidery

or Embroider on pre purchased items available

or supplied by customers.

Many Baby, Children, Adults items are already completed and are offered for sale.

Want somethings special – make an inquiry and I will see what I can do

DESIGN :  *Cost of an individual chosen design can be determined several ways:

Number of thread changes

or the number of stitches

or the number of minutes it takes the design to stitch out in the machine;

*Pricing on many Customer Favorite Picks have already be determined.

*If you wish me to purchase a new design that I can obtain direct from another vendor,  the cost will be included with your order.

*Pricing for digitizing Names is usually $5.00.  NOT by the number of  letters.

*Pricing for Fancy Single Monograms is charge by the size and number of thread changes.

If customer provides raw items ( fabric /shirts /totes /aprons etc.)   for embroidery, they should be pr washed pre shrunk.

If I have to wash them and dry them, there will be an additional cost.

*Average designs start at $5.00 or $7.00 dollars and goes up.


Orders must be pre paid for before works starts.

( this post is not completed as people were in a hurry for photos – see other pages till I can get back to computer )

ITEMS below:

Girl White cotton Panties  &  Boy Diaper Cover with design

Men’s Shirts with Louisisana Brown Pelican Design

Girl and Boy, Ladies T shirts

Boy short and t shirt sets

NOOK and Kindle  e book reader BAGS – Original by Mary Catoir

Moon Purses – Original by Mary Catoir

Totes of all types with various designs

Purse Scraves with various Louisiana Designs $23.00 to $35.00

Tiger, Fleu deLis, Mardi Gras, Crawfish and more

Aprons with your Name and or Business Name

Children Aprons  make great gifts …

Prayer Hankies ( PrayerCloth) includes a free list of prayers for the sick.

First Communion Hankies and Wedding Hankies with brides’ name.

Baby Receiving Blanket with design ; Burp Cloths;

One of a kind QUILTS – Crib and Lap and Twin size … special orders

CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE THEM, most of the embroidery designs were purchased from various vendors with permission to embroidery them out for resale – they do remarkable work. I DO NOT SELL Design files. Please respect their copyright.

Current list of items for sale can be seen though this word document that included item for sale, description, price.  Just click on link it’s safe to open.

MCatoir Creations for sale Large Page

Thanks Mary Catoir


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