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Baby Quilt finished

I am trying to finish up so many things that have piled up.

Baby Toddler Quilt

Angels for you – Anna Marie’s Memorial Fund


1) Pocket Angels, $3.00

use for many occasion and with your own cards, hook to key chains, tucked in wallets. Small gifts for Encouragement, Sympathies, Thank yous, Communions, Conformations, Baptisms, Weddings  or Just Because;

2)    Medium Angels $4.50 donation

3)   Large Angels $5.00  donation which includes shipping to most zip codes.

4)  Prayer Hankies w various Embroidery Designs $ 5.00 donation

Order or 985 893 1482

But if you are sick or you have a loved one that is   in need   of an angel and prayers just let me know.   mc

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Donations from these items I make, will be divided among:  Cancer Non Hopkins Lymphoma Research, St.Tammany Libraries and Northshore Literary Society. (Anna Marie my daughter’s  causes were to encourage  aspiring writers and artists.)




I will be working other Items to Sell  and to use to continue to build  Anna Marie’s Memorial Fund. The proceeds from these sales will be divided as previously stated to encourage reading, writing and artist.  It will also include the promises to continue making  items for cancer patients to give them some hope and show them others care that Anna Marie and I made.

So many of my embroidery friends sent Anna Marie angels and cards and great words of encouragement. Bless you all.  It made her very happy and in those moments she felt much better.  A little kindness goes a long way.

Anna Marie taught me many things in this past year.

I hoped that I taught my children to seek out what they wanted in life and go after it.  But most important not to hurt anyone along the way.  My daughter went to college and dreamed of opening her own book store, the second best was working in a book store for nine and half years. Two years ago she started a blog Anna Marie’s Corner. She posted her mask making and her book reviews, when she got her first poem and art work published and sold.  She made many new friends. She wanted to live to be 82 and she wanted most to be recognized poet, (even thou I thought her fiction writing was wonderful ).  She told me she hope that 2011 was going to be her year to seriously get a novel published. As I read through her journals and completed novelettes hopefully I will find that ” novel” on a disk along with her art work and have it published.

My son after working for the phone company as his father did till retirement,  saved his money and opened a Smoothie King in North Carolina.  We are so proud of him, especially me, since I am from a self employed family.  We  miss him terribly.  He doesn’t get home often and I presume he is lonely and a bit lost. He will always be loved and have a place in our home, hearts and lives.

No one considers that parents get lonely too, they will always be children to their parents, our babies, we will always want to protect them.  We all want to be needed, wanted and loved.

Anna Marie understood all this, she accepted us, she was content to be our connection to the current generation and let us share in her life. We are and will always be great full to her.  She was like that to everyone she met, she would include them, not forget them, give part of herself to them.  It made her who she was, now she is gone from earth and I can only hope she continues to look down on us, help us and her brother, as we are age- ing faster than anyone can imagine.

Mary and Clyde Catoir

My Anna Marie is free of pain but my heart is broken

Always my Little Girl Anna Marie

I want so bad to hold her again, I told her it was a terrible nightmare. I want so much for my family to be whole again. I pray one day soon that will be so we can enjoy all the memories of Anna Marie and rejoice in her life.   Mom

My daughter was a bookseller manager for nine year at Barnes and Noble but she also did book reviews for publishers that sent her their next or client’s novels. She had just finished working for one author organizing all characters etc., since the author’s series was going on to her fourth novel. This she was grateful for as it gave her mind something to do vs thinking about four walls closing in on her with cancer and only promises in sight. Some of the books she was sent from publishers to review, she liked and some she didn’t but she was always fair no matter what topic she received. She has one journal packed with book reviews, many on her blog. She was young, just turning 32, her preference was romantic science fiction but she was eclectic in her taste of reading material, she believe in free press. She she loved children. I do believe she read every children book ever in stock at our four libraries. She was in charge of the children section at B&N for years. She helped with book fairs and started a book salon to discuss book open to the public. She was a member of the Northshore Literary Society and was on the board of directors. She was not married, and their were no children in her life.

My day started with hoping to her get to work on time since we were both night owls. Her dad’s day started with making her the best breakfast at any time, she love them and their morning conversations. And my thoughts ended with her as she worked many nights closing the store and it was very normal for us to have late dinner at 11:30 and stay up till 3am.

She loved to debate with her father and got the biggest kick out of his invented words as he was not any more conventional than the rest of us. She loved his story telling abilities and his wit. She love cooking with him which they called dirty pot day, meaning they tried new recipes and left all the dishes for me when I returned home, not always. She missed out on her brother for the last year as he disappeared to run a business in NC. They were like twins growing up.

She was in love with anything and everything to do with books, photos, music, ideas, words, words words. She wrote stories, kept journals, wrote poetry and did drawing, had some published. She loved Disney and all the movies and probably owned 100 collectible statue when they were made from glass not plastic. She loved travel and been to Europe twice and she would take herself to Canada and anywhere there was a book convention or comic books. Yes, even comic books, her first job at 16 was a manager of a comic book store, key holder and all at just 16. This was one responsible organized individual. She had a love of comic books just like all children that went right into collecting them as adults.

The stress in her life was with people that didn’t wish to learn or read or met others half way. She loved young and old people. She was eagerly waiting March to be free of cancer and go off again, and she had been invited by friends to visit Germany.

In school she struggled but she made it even though she was dyslexia she compensated, she actually read the dictionary, she may not be able to spell all the words but she knew what they all meant. She played trivial pursuit games, forced herself to do crossword puzzles. She took dance, teakundo with her brother and was in the choir ( but couldn’t really care a note but she new all the words) and was a girl scout to the full rank of Cadette. She won Science Fairs with her detailed projects and spend lots of time researching other projects for friends to help them succeed as well. She excelled in honor classes where the written word was not the whole grade and finished college with a 3.5. She went on to work at Barnes & Nobles and met authors and got involved in writing groups and had some of her poems published and started her own mini magazine for a while. She started mask making as a hobby, which gave her lots of pleasure, exhibited at St. Tammany Art Association Exhibits and others, sold one the first time exhibited. She than was asked to teach classes at the St. Tammany Library to children and adults in mask making, altered journals and beginner family tree. She loved just about everything, but hated smoking and drinking and didn’t associate with or gather with too many people that did so. She also has many first addition non fiction books and surrounded herself with the company of her peers of authors and hope to be published this year but … in reality she meant next year. But next year will not come for her as God had other ideas for her talents. She traveled with me to dog shows my hobby, and we have tons of stories of getting lost or off road adventures. The van always stopped for bookstores in every state. She would read to me while I drove and I in turn would read to her. She had several champions herself and her new dog Winston will make another impact next year. She also love when we took vacation with nothing set .. we just drove and stopped where and when we wished to do so. She was a wonderful human being, she was better than I was as she had endless patience which I do not possess. Her only fault was being too trusting even thou she would say “I’m not” ….she had faith in everyone. I am not an author by any means so forgive any non sentences. Her dad and I am just the proud parents who were not ready to see her go yet, so many more things to do. We miss her greatly.

In lieu of flowers, donations are requested to the Anna Marie Catoir Memorial Fund, % Capital One Bank, 3840 Hwy 22, Mandeville, La. 70471 – envelopes available at service. This will be used to support causes close to Anna Marie’s heart, to help future aspiring artists & authors through the Northshore Literary Society & the St. Tammany Library.

Louisiana Shrimp and Crabs

Nothing like Louisiana Shrimp and Crabs.

Family of three – it’s all about love

If you are new to this blog page.. this site, please read from the bottom up, I haven’t figure out how to reserve the order of messages and photos I post. It may not be possible.  Happy days it’s always better to start at the beginning don’t you think?  Mary C.


You can’t imagine the laughter that goes on in this house, we can’t even get breakfast down as my husband, daughter and I swap funny stories that happen to us the previous day.  As people age they change and only those that truly have love in their hearts stay together thru the up and downs. At night it’s the same, just about impossible to watch tv as there are so many jokes or  questions and answers flying though lengthy debates, I can’t get started till the wee hours of the morning. Work that is or is embroidery and sewing suppose to be fun.

Outsiders don’t get it, it like saying you have to walk a mile in my shoes sometimes.  They can’t see that discussion are not arguments but just adults in the heat of conversation.  Loud people are just that loud people, they laugh loud, they express themselves strongly, they are passionate about things and those they love;  they may yell and scream but it’s  part of the norm –  I know it  totally normal in our home.

We laugh so much it hurts our sides  and most of the time dinner discussions are so funny we end up with cold food or indigestion.

My husband is one of the most wonderful men in the whole world.   Don’t believe me?  just ask anyone, for he helps someone, some stranger everyday and puts smiles on everyone faces over and over again.  ( he even saved a man life, literally, long distance two days ago )

My daughter is the most beautiful, caring and intelligent  person I know inside and out why… for she has no hate in her heart; when she gives you her love and even strangers her support you receive every ounce of it.  She is the sparkle of her father’s eye and she is the jewel in her mother’s heart.

Poor Moms – who knows what people think but GOD knows. Mother are the glue and without us you don’t get your first breath of life and continued boost of confidence that you can be a good human beings.  With age comes wisdom ?  Some never get it.  Immature and selfish people don’t understand  life and they don’t respect anyone.

Life gives women more than their share of health issues and the awful headaches ( the three stages of womanhood what a crook ) and heaven help us mothers… motherhood is no picnic.  Life give men more than their share of work load (major breadwinners) but being a responsible adult means you just do it, you handle it.

Yep we are all tired – my retired husband went back to work, after all a responsible man pays his debts.. the plumbing needed to be fixed… that is also why I am working hard at getting my embroidery business off the ground.  Sure it has to be on the small-scale… I am old and work ten times slower than I use to but I still strive for perfection in any of my arts.  I have had so many jobs plus two successful businesses from the time I could walk as a child and though my adult life after college, but who remembers just me.  What have I learned?  I have learned that there is always someone jealous of your hard work,  they view  yours as the  “easy life”  with no bumps and no hills to climb over.   Uhmm, walk a mile in my shoes sometimes and feel my pain. Walk a mile in my husband pain filled body and feel his pain. Walk a mile in my daughter body that is attacking itself and feel her pain.  There are so many people in pain in this world, it is a shame they spent their time just trying to hurt others to make themselves feel better.   If only you pray .. yes pray to GOD .. he will help you make it though.

Bless everyone and pray for everyone.   Mary C.

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