Angels for you – Anna Marie’s Memorial Fund


1) Pocket Angels, $3.00

use for many occasion and with your own cards, hook to key chains, tucked in wallets. Small gifts for Encouragement, Sympathies, Thank yous, Communions, Conformations, Baptisms, Weddings  or Just Because;

2)    Medium Angels $4.50 donation

3)   Large Angels $5.00  donation which includes shipping to most zip codes.

4)  Prayer Hankies w various Embroidery Designs $ 5.00 donation

Order or 985 893 1482

But if you are sick or you have a loved one that is   in need   of an angel and prayers just let me know.   mc

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Donations from these items I make, will be divided among:  Cancer Non Hopkins Lymphoma Research, St.Tammany Libraries and Northshore Literary Society. (Anna Marie my daughter’s  causes were to encourage  aspiring writers and artists.)




I will be working other Items to Sell  and to use to continue to build  Anna Marie’s Memorial Fund. The proceeds from these sales will be divided as previously stated to encourage reading, writing and artist.  It will also include the promises to continue making  items for cancer patients to give them some hope and show them others care that Anna Marie and I made.

So many of my embroidery friends sent Anna Marie angels and cards and great words of encouragement. Bless you all.  It made her very happy and in those moments she felt much better.  A little kindness goes a long way.

Anna Marie taught me many things in this past year.

I hoped that I taught my children to seek out what they wanted in life and go after it.  But most important not to hurt anyone along the way.  My daughter went to college and dreamed of opening her own book store, the second best was working in a book store for nine and half years. Two years ago she started a blog Anna Marie’s Corner. She posted her mask making and her book reviews, when she got her first poem and art work published and sold.  She made many new friends. She wanted to live to be 82 and she wanted most to be recognized poet, (even thou I thought her fiction writing was wonderful ).  She told me she hope that 2011 was going to be her year to seriously get a novel published. As I read through her journals and completed novelettes hopefully I will find that ” novel” on a disk along with her art work and have it published.

My son after working for the phone company as his father did till retirement,  saved his money and opened a Smoothie King in North Carolina.  We are so proud of him, especially me, since I am from a self employed family.  We  miss him terribly.  He doesn’t get home often and I presume he is lonely and a bit lost. He will always be loved and have a place in our home, hearts and lives.

No one considers that parents get lonely too, they will always be children to their parents, our babies, we will always want to protect them.  We all want to be needed, wanted and loved.

Anna Marie understood all this, she accepted us, she was content to be our connection to the current generation and let us share in her life. We are and will always be great full to her.  She was like that to everyone she met, she would include them, not forget them, give part of herself to them.  It made her who she was, now she is gone from earth and I can only hope she continues to look down on us, help us and her brother, as we are age- ing faster than anyone can imagine.

Mary and Clyde Catoir