First hot days of summer.

At first the heat feels sooo good, like taking that simple air conditioned chill off your skin. Then you can feel the heat just go right into your body and the extra warmth feels great. But before you know it.. ug .. it’s hot.  wink.

Be back in a little while. Trying to figure out how to list Collectibles for Sale. Maybe I will even add a shopping cart. Mary C.


Life sometimes gets in the way of progress…. heheheh

Well the best laid plans to post often did not work in year 2013 but I will be posting the new things I am working on in the days to come. I have been in the hospital three times and hopefully confident to say I am all repaired. I have been quilting and trying to stay ahead of all the wonderful people getting married or having babies too. wink.

I hope everyone is well and ready to get rid of winter cold and enjoy the blooming flowers of spring. MaryC.

Mrs. Baker’s Ghost by Anna Marie Catoir

Hello everyone,

Anna Marie’s novella is available now both at  /  Barnes and Just type in the title and you can download to your Kindle, Nook, i pad or I phones, and those without apps, PDF files available for reading on your home computer.

NewBusCard sm3.5by2THISONEI am happy to say that I am so please with the reviews Mrs. Baker’s Ghost has been receiving.  A Cozy Family Mystery with a touch of romance and a bit of magic.

Review by: Max Kinney on Jan. 26, 2013 : star star star star star
From Cory’s “lone note” to Alastair’s “Caw”, Anna Marie draws you in and makes you feel like a welcome visitor at Whiskey Bay. She trickles out information (and gossip) in perfect doses that keep you mildly intoxicated from beginning to end. Colorful and entertaining, Mrs. Baker’s Ghost is a well written story by a very talented author.
(reviewed long after purchase)
Review by: Paula Dennis on Jan. 21, 2013 : (no rating)
What a wonderful story! The characters seemed to pop out in my head as I read and I could just picture the scenes. The author is extremely talented and I cannot wait until Jayi’s Tales comes out so I can read more about Mrs. Baker, Cory, and Jayi’s adventures! And love the recipes at the back of the book! Definitely a book I would recommend to my family and friends!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Cindy Cunningham on Jan. 17, 2013 : star star star star star
What an entertaining read! The characters came to life quickly & leaves you wanting to follow their lives further. Light hearted & mysterious. Will definitely be looking for more reads on Jayi & her adventures!


Mrs. Baker’s Ghost by Anna Marie Catoir is now available

My daughter’s Novella is now an ebook at

 They are an on line seller just like Barnes and Noble. The author’s proceeds are going to St. Jude’s Cancer Research.

Mrs. Baker’s Ghost was suppose to be at Barnes & Noble ( a retailer) and Amazon (a retailer) on line but they are backlogged plus Christmas, the ebook has been shipped to them – just has not been placed on line yet.”  Book updates are subject to processing times at each individual retailer. Smashwords has it NOW, they are the retailer of our choice.     $3.99
( just type in Mrs. Baker's Ghost on their page )

“Anna Marie would be so happy, I just wish I could see her face. I know she would love her friends to share in this her first book, even though I am already looking forward to the next one.”

“Anna Marie’s next book, Jayi’s Tales is a total mystery, suspenseful and funny.. with a touch of both magic and romance. “Yes, it’s longer ..a Cozy mystery and magical.  Yes, you will have to wait till 2013 to see what trouble Jayi has gotten herself into.” Mary Catoir

Review by: Jean Lutz, Louisiana Poet, Author  -Her review can be read from Smashwords site – Long description  ( type in the name Mrs. Baker’s Ghost once on the site )

Review byMary Ann Descant on Dec. 19, 2012: star star star starstarMrs. Baker’s Ghost will really sell itself. Inspirational mystery, cozy romance. It’s funny too.”

Review by: MARY LEE OLIPHAN T on Dec. 27, 2012 :  star star star starstar
Anna Marie has an incredible way of using the right words. The twining of the tenant’s lives makes me wonder how long it took to write Mrs. Baker’s Ghost – did it just all flow from her head easily? The mystery of the riddle drops right in your lap in the end. This is an entertaining, easy read if you are looking for something out of the ordinary. Mary Lee

Review by: Rebecca Dubrock on Dec. 26, 2012 : star star star star star
Leaving you wanting more, Mrs. Baker’s Ghost is a wonderful, mysterious introduction to the life of Jayi and the patrons of the Whiskey Bay Boarding House.

“You will still enjoy the book no matter who you purchase it from, I promise. .. mother of Anna Marie Catoir” – Mary Catoir
Permission give to C/P and forward this announcement.  Thank you, Mary Catoir  Anna Marie Catoir

Again, available in all formats Kindle, Nook, Sony, I phones, etc. and including PDF for your computer.

FB Mrs.Baker'sGhost by Anna Marie Catoir MaryCatoirAnna Marie Catoir Profile FB pic 200dpi

Happy Birthday to my daughter, Anna Marie

Happy Birthday Anna Marie,

Did you hear????

Your Novella Mrs. Baker’s Ghost was selected as A Short List Finalist at the 2012 William Faulkner -William Wisdom Competition.

There were 267 entries in your category. That put you in the top 40.

Love Mom and Dad,

Christopher Columbus!!!!!!, I told you the story was great. Mom

P.S. Will be available near the end of the year as ebook and pbook – %80 of the generated revenue will be donated to CANCER RESEARCH, %10 to local group charities and %10 to publication of her Poetry and Others novels, How To’s books in the future.  contact me:

Pricing explained.. for first time customers

I love stitching out beautiful and fun designs. Those you see on super expensive clothes are possible, but adding a name makes it yours.

Simple names on Panties, Diaper Cover and Shirts are not a problem. I do not  embroider  Bath Towels.

Children loose things all the time, they love seeing their names stitched out and if done right you can save items, cut them and later assemble a memory quilt or pillow.

Name here starts with Large first letter and the remainder of name needs to be adjust to fit the space. The extras added were the stars and ribbon dots. Child cotton ruffled panties.

I love stitching out beautiful and fun designs. Simple names on Panties, Diaper Cover and Shirts are not a problem. I do not  embroider  Bath Towels.


Example of  HOW PRICE works on just 1 small name.

Personalize Small Name ½ to 5/8 inch on ONE Item cost w no extra designs:

1)Computer Time –font & sizing between 10-20 min flat fee $3.00 c

2)Nanes (small name ½ to 5/8 in.) takes 6 minutes  $1.50 n

3) Set up pre work to get item & backing to mach.

4)Take down fee,                                                                        1.00 up/dn

5)Thread $1.00 per item                                                       1.00 each

6)Stablizer $1.00 per item                                                    1.00 each

7)&or 8)Cloud cover Ironing or Fabric Applique – Sewing $1.50 . optional. 9)Any design would be charged at individual time used ……. optional extras…………

  Orders of ONE Name at a time   $7.50 /or / $9.00 per item

there is a $3.00 per 2nd,3rd … discount for multiples…
making your price                               $4.50  /or / $ 6.00

Any other added designs as you see on the example will incur an extra charge.

If your child’s name is already in my file/ I can quote you a price. No further discount.  Price would be set on time for your particular child’s name / depending on size and time of stitch out.

   – I DO NOT Embroidery  BATH TOWELS  /  I DO Dinner Napkins


BUZZ LIGHTYEAR without your child’s name. $13.50 ( Cloud Cover and ironed or  if Appliqued – fabric and sewn.)  Adding both names is possible for an additional fee.


Doesn’t every little boy want to have BUZZ on his team. This was stitch out for my niece’s son.

I only charge for my time and supplies. No over the top, extra profit. You are buying a service.  My time for small projects is a 25 cent per minute for several colors in  designs and .33 cent per minute for more complicated designs, more colors.  Simple and very fair.


A more detailed design such as what is below: A store purchased Boy’s Jean Jacket with Applique Squares of Embroidery added, there is a reason for doing it as an applique vs permanently stitching the jacket. Jacket below is in the set up stage. Pricing for those more detailed design ..again is by time and supplies used.


What a stand out jacket this will be. Each letter has a different boy partner.


Complicated piece, Sewing and Shifting thick material, but to have something as elegant as:


Thank you for looking, and you can contact me by phone or email  catoir @ bellsouth . net  please put something in the subject line so you will not end up in spam folder.

Things I have embroideried and sold or gifted recently.

New Orleans, Louisiana Designs, Saints whatever can be placed on your shirts, aprons and totes. Embroidery is not just for children. This is just one of many designs I have.

Little boy t-shirt with matching shorts. The design theme was KNIGHT and DRAGONS. I have hundreds if not thousand of designs sets to chose from.
Fireman’s hat with Fire Engine / Trucks and Tools. For Girls we have Princeness and Castles / Butterfly and Bears and Kitty Cats and Puppy Dogs.

This was a gift I made for my godchild’s son. Trucks on front and back and personalized with his name. Thing like this can be made on a smaller scale.
it was a huge hit, it was to carry all his building blocks in.

Boy’s diaper cover Design and Personalized with child’s name.
Also Cotton Lace Panties available for Girls.

Little boy t-shirt with matching shorts. The design theme was KNIGHT and DRAGONS. I have hundreds if not thousand of designs sets to chose from.
Fireman’s hat with Fire Engine / Trucks and Tools. For Girls we have Princeness and Castles / Butterfly and Bears and Kitty Cats and Puppy Dogs.

BUZZ I personalize for your son …

Embroidery to your door in many instances

It’s easier for me to drop by your place of business and pick up orders and drop them off especially if it for  more than one item at a time or more than one customer at a time. Look over the pricing and some of the designs posted. Have questions. Just email or phone me.

catoir @ bellsouth. net       ( copy and paste and remove the spaces )  Mary C.

Baby Quilts for Gifts and memories

Special made quilt

Name and animal embroidery added, date of birth, etc. details on back.

Conner Guidry Baby Quilt

Bear Embroidered Baby Quilt made for Anna Marie’s childhood friend Scott ‘s baby born on Mother’s Day .. what a lovely tribute. Congratulation Jamie and Scott.  Anna Marie saw the start of this quilt.

Embroidery and Quilting by Mary Catoir.


The quilt I am re working now is from 1980.. I am making it fresh and new again. Passing down from father to son. Huckleberry Pie Boy Baby Quilt progress.

Center of quilt will be the original panel, with fresh quilted fabric inside and sides and backing. Re worked with love.

Collie Club of Louisiana original Logo

Design by Mary Catoir

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